All-in-one contactless management for concessions, cafeteria, and event food sales and delivery.

Your customers can browse your menu, order, and pay using their phones. You can track orders, set prices, and arrange delivery or pickup online. Order tracking also means more accurate inventory stocking at future events.

Why GoSnabby?

GoSnabby was created by an educator and entrepreneur with the goal of building a better system for managing temporary refreshment stands and special event food orders. Initially designed to streamline concession operations at school athletic events, the app grew into a general platform for all transactions related to meal purchasing.

GoSnabby can make food ordering and payments a snap for schools, fundraisers, special events, and casual dining establishments. Allowing customers to order before the event also helps prevent waste by providing better inventory estimates. Contactless, cashless, fully secured transactions also mean protecting the safety of customers and staff. 

Simplify Food Ordering, Payment, And Delivery


Easily offer counter pick-up, seat delivery, or curbside pick-up.

Fundraising Possibilities:

Streamline online and advance sales for fundraising events.

Improved Sales:
Customers can order before the event or at their seats without missing a thing.
Less Stress At Concessions:
Prevent bottlenecks, menu questions, and long lines with digital ordering.
Reduce Food Waste:
Improve inventory predictions with surveys and menu choices for future cafeteria meals.
Customers can browse the menu, order, pay, and pick-up with minimal contact.

Concession stands can improve worker safety and avoid handling cash with a secure payment system. 

How it Works

GoSnabby offers competitive pricing using monthly and annual rates to make it affordable for nonprofits, school districts, and small establishments. Subscribing to the application provides the ability to manage an unlimited amount of events, orders, and payment transactions, plus ongoing inventory tracking.

Patrons can choose to download the application or access the menu and ordering process online. The website link can be posted to the organization’s website, distributed via email, or provided onsite.


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Who we are

GoSnabby was developed by a high school and college instructor who is heavily involved in school events. He saw the need for easy online ordering for better coordinated food pick-up or at-seat delivery at school events. The COVID-19 era also reinforced the reality of contactless ordering and payment at restaurants. Further, the app eliminates the need to carry and manage large amounts of cash at public events.

As a school employee, the developer was also keenly aware of the amount of food waste created by school cafeterias. The application includes an option to allow students to indicate whether they intend to purchase school lunches a week in advance. That allows the school staff to better predict the amount of food to order and prepare. More accurate meal accounts mean deep savings for schools and parents.


GoSnabby App Screens

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Download App

GoSnabby simplifies special event food sales

Manage food transactions for concession stands, cafeterias, and special events in one place. Available for web, iOS, and Android.

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Easy monthly payments allow you to pay as you go and cancel whenever you like.

One-time annual payments can cover food transactions for an entire school year or multiple seasons of fundraising events. 

All plans allow unlimited transactions while the plan is active.

All plans include enterprise-level security and fast customer service assistance.

Annual plans include the ability to track orders and other relevant data for the length of the membership.

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